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How To Win at Online Learning

Teachers! What’s your plan for next school year? Hybrid? Online Learning? Next year is still up in the air for a lot of us. And it could change a couple of times during the school year. However, it does appear that many students will spend the start of the year

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Teaching Shakespeare with Digital Learning

Even though teaching Shakespeare in a digital learning environment is a difficult task, it can be done! Below are some tip for getting set up to teach any Shakespeare play. Which Version of Shakespeare Should You Use? The first thing you have to decide is which version of the play

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Why Poetry is Perfect for Remote Learning

As remote learning has quickly become the new normal for students and teachers, it has been tough to come up with meaningful lessons for ELA students. Will they read the book I assign them, or just pretend to read them? How can I keep the level of rigor where it

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Remote Learning – Staying in Touch With Students

We have just started remote learning and it has been a challenge. One of the challenges has been finding ways to connect with the students that we’ve grown to know over the past school year. Many of them need the social and emotional support that school provides. I find myself

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Distance Learning: Teaching Literary Devices

Designed by / Freepik Distance learning, remote learning, virtual learning … whatever you want to call it, we’re in the middle of it. So what do we do to make sure students are doing meaningful work? One thing we can do is cover or review literary devices. Literary devices

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