Clip Art – Muslim student reading

clipart3colorI have never seen a girl wearing a hijab in any educational clip art. The results of a search for “Muslim children clip art” and “Muslim children reading” were entirely religious in nature. Since I have so many Muslim students, I felt like they needed to be represented doing regular school activities. So here it is.

In preparation for the drawing I asked one of my Muslim students where you could buy hijabs online so that I could get some ideas. She told me her mom always bought them at the grocery store. The other students said the same thing. I decided to just use the one she was wearing. The outfit is pretty similar to what she had on too. I loved the Keds.

In the future I’d like to do some more work with patterns. I have seen some beautiful hijabs that I’d love to work into a design.

If anyone uses this, let me know if the size works. And please tell people where you got it.

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