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Get Students Interested in Shakespeare

If you’re a high school English teacher, you’re probably teaching Shakespeare. You also know that it can be difficult to get kids interested in reading him before they even start. This happens for a couple of reasons: The word on the street is that Shakespeare is difficult. It will probably

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Teaching Shakespeare to Struggling Readers

Shakespeare presents an exceptional challenge for struggling readers. All the plastic swords and bad student acting will help get students interested in the content. But it won’t be enough for those who find everyday reading a significant challenge. Below I’ve outlines some steps that will help struggling readers get a

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Teaching Shakespeare with Digital Learning

Even though teaching Shakespeare in a digital learning environment is a difficult task, it can be done! Below are some tip for getting set up to teach any Shakespeare play. Which Version of Shakespeare Should You Use? The first thing you have to decide is which version of the play

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getting started with romeo and juliet

Getting Started With Romeo and Juliet

For many students, Romeo and Juliet is the first experience they have with Shakespeare. And it’s a huge leap for them from what they’ve read in school before. The language is difficult, the cultural context is foreign, and the material looks indecipherable. However, as a teacher, there are steps you

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4 Essentials Skills For Reading Shakespeare

Every high school student will read a Shakespeare play at some point. And how teachers approach Shakespeare initially will make or break that relationship with the Bard. Think about Romeo and Juliet. The play opens with a fight scene in which a lot of the action is implied, there are a bunch

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Shakespeare Cocktail Napkins for the Literary Set

I can’t say that I’ve ever been invited to a cocktail party. I don’t think it’s because I’m not popular (although that could indeed be the case.) I don’t think that it’s because I’m an English teacher and people don’t want to watch the way they talk after a few

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Shakespeare Comics: Sonnet 18

Just listed at Teachers Pay Teachers: Shakespeare Comics: Sonnet 18. Here’s a preview: The packet contains a cartoon that explains the poem as well as comprehension activities and lessons on the sonnet form. Check it out at my store. Look for more Shakespeare Comics coming soon.

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Romeo and Juliet – Fun with the Balcony Scene

Is there anything more fun than teaching the balcony scene? We get to expose students to some of the best writing that’s ever been produced in the English language as well as an easily accessible scene with understandable conflict and a little romance. In fact, I find the balcony scene

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