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Why Poetry is Perfect for Remote Learning

As remote learning has quickly become the new normal for students and teachers, it has been tough to come up with meaningful lessons for ELA students. Will they read the book I assign them, or just pretend to read them? How can I keep the level of rigor where it

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Fun Poetry Activities in Secondary ELA

With all the emphasis on novels and non-fiction text, ELA teachers probably don’t teach enough poetry. However, there are compelling reasons why poetry should be included in the ELA curriculum, even if students struggle with it.  I’ve worked hard over the past year to include more poetry in my curriculum.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Teaching More Poetry

  I’m frequently asked by other people what books I teach. No one ever asks what poems I teach. There’s no question that language arts curriculum centers around novels and our classroom can get pretty novel heavy if we’re not careful. We all know about the need for non-fiction. But

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Teaching Poetic Devices Using Impostor Poems

Sometimes when I teach poetry I get caught up in getting my students to understand what a poem means and neglect how poetic devices help create that meaning. Diction, syntax, rhyme – all of these are tools poets use in their writing. But how can we get students to understand how

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