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Comic Myths: Icarus

This is a brand new product for me, and will be a series of about ten myths and activities. Each one for the low price of $3.50! Students need to know the ancient myths because the great wisdom of humanity is contained in those stories. Myth Comics: Icarus gives teachers

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“Icarus” – Edward Field

Icarus Only the feathers floating around the hat Showed that anything more spectacular had occurred Than the usual drowning. The police preferred to ignore The confusing aspects of the case, And the witnesses ran off to a gang war. So the report filed and forgotten in the archives read simply

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Bruegel’s “The Fall of Icarus”

I’ve always likes this painting. It’s a great supplement to the Icarus myth, and a great lesson in composition. The title is The Fall of Icarus, which would make you think that Icarus would be the most prominent image in the composition. But he isn’t. In fact, you have to look around

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