Shakespeare Cocktail Napkins for the Literary Set

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I can’t say that I’ve ever been invited to a cocktail party. I don’t think it’s because I’m not popular (although that could indeed be the case.) I don’t think that it’s because I’m an English teacher and people don’t want to watch the way they talk after a few drinks. I honestly think that nobody really holds cocktail parties anymore. But you can still buy fun cocktail napkins plenty of places, so even though people may drink beer and wine instead of sidecars and boilermakers, festive and funny cocktail napkins are always held in high regard.

In the fifties cocktail napkins with cartoons were pretty easy to find, but here’s a real oddity from that era: cocktail napkins with cartoons featuring Shakespeare quotes. This set of 50 napkins had 20 different cartoons which you can see below. It’s really difficult to figure who drew them, but nevertheless the artwork is a top-notch example of fifties cartoons.

I have to wonder who would have bought these. They don’t seem to have a wide appeal except for amongst the literary or those who want to impress other with their intelligence. If you’d like to buy some for your next engagement, you can pick up a vintage set on ebay or etsy for about $30.

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I draw funny Shakespeare cartoons too! Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for fun comic resources like those below.



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