Comic Myths: Icarus


This is a brand new product for me, and will be a series of about ten myths and activities. Each one for the low price of $3.50!

Students need to know the ancient myths because the great wisdom of humanity is contained in those stories. Myth Comics: Icarus gives teachers three days’ worth of activities to do with the myth.

Included in this bundle:

Pre-reading activities
A comic of the myth (fun!)
A modern retelling of the myth
Activities and questions with two poems based on the myth (perfect for teaching allusion)
An activity with a piece of artwork based on the myth
Post reading activities, including a narrative writing prompt and research activity
Answer key for everything

Even if you AREN’T interested in incorporating this into a mythology unit, this bundle can stand alone as a way to build critical writing, reading, and viewing skills and are an excellent preparation for state tests which tend to include activities where you read a myth and read modern interpretations of it.

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