Remote Learning – Staying in Touch With Students

We have just started remote learning and it has been a challenge. One of the challenges has been finding ways to connect with the students that we’ve grown to know over the past school year. Many of them need the social and emotional support that school provides. I find myself

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Distance Learning: Teaching Literary Devices

Designed by / Freepik Distance learning, remote learning, virtual learning … whatever you want to call it, we’re in the middle of it. So what do we do to make sure students are doing meaningful work? One thing we can do is cover or review literary devices. Literary devices

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fun poetry activities

Fun Poetry Activities in Secondary ELA

With all the emphasis on novels and non-fiction text, ELA teachers probably don’t teach enough poetry. However, there are compelling reasons why poetry should be included in the ELA curriculum, even if students struggle with it.  I’ve worked hard over the past year to include more poetry in my curriculum.

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class discussions

Painful Class Discussions? Here’s the Cure

We all know that discussions are an essential skill for students. However, we sometimes forget that it isn’t something that comes naturally to them, and must be taught. It can frustrating working through all dead silence and awkward pauses while we wait for the class discussion to take off. And

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great gifts for english teachers

Great Gifts for English Teachers

If you have an English teacher on your gift list, I’ve provided some suggestions below that are WAY better than gift cards. Or if you ARE an English teacher, here’s a list you can conveniently leave open on your laptop for your significant other to find. Or treat yo’self! No judgment.

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Word, or sentence? Teaching Theme

Theme. It’s one of the most difficult topics to teach students in language arts classes. And theme is never something they master. They have to work hard to get better at it every year. But is a theme a word, or a sentence? The goal of close reading and annotating

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getting started with romeo and juliet

Getting Started With Romeo and Juliet

For many students, Romeo and Juliet is the first experience they have with Shakespeare. And it’s a huge leap for them from what they’ve read in school before. The language is difficult, the cultural context is foreign, and the material looks indecipherable. However, as a teacher, there are steps you

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