Author Visits

I love to bring all of my classroom experience as a teacher into the classroom and inspire kids to create comics and love learning. Here are a few topics that I love to discuss with kids.

  • The research process. How do I use the lessons kids learn in the classroom about finding information and responsible research when I create a book? A good way to reinforce that a research unit matters!
  • How I write narration and dialogue to create a comic. Lots of kids love to write stories. And who doesn’t love comics? Turn the kids loose and enhance their writing skills!
  • How to research a food. This is specific to Pizza Pickles and Apple Pie, but I can help students figure out how to research their own favorite foods, or specific foods from their culture that I didn’t mention.
  • How all of the classes I took in school helped me write a book.
  • A general talk about how I created my book.
  • A drawing lesson on how I create characters.
  • A mix of the above, and a topic that you would like me to cover. I’m open to ideas!

Considering an author visit for your elementary or middle-grade students? Here’s a little background with all the info you need, including pricing for 2024. Feel free to share it with any teachers, librarians, parents, or PTO members in your circle. For more details, questions about presentation options or content, or to lock in a date, just reach out to me at See rates below.


  • In-Person Visit ………. $300/hr
  • Half Day Visit ………….$500
  • Full Day Visit …………..$900
  • Virtual Visit……………..$200/hr
  • An evening with the author…. $200/hr

Wirth the exception of virtual visits, these are rates for the greater Columbus Ohio area. For other visits that might require more extensive travel or an overnight, please email me at for more information.

I don’t bring books with me, so you will have to contact a local bookstore to get copies for students to purchase and have me sign.